Friday, April 30, 2010

To my Dad!

I still believe....
that it's the statue that knocks on my head really in Meenakshiamman temple when I tap on the drum in its hand

that promissory notes of treats at Arun icecreams or Supreme Hotel can make people work harder and with more enthusiasm

that bed-time serials with highly creative bgm can make a day complete

that God is everywhere, anytime for me

that gender bias in education is the stupidest thing conceived by people

that it's possible to have enormous fun and at the same time be responsible

that making funny faces and actions and noises can lift up low spirits

that books are the best companions

that tolerance is the biggest asset one can possess

that friends bring a lot of joy in life

that money is to be spent - not locked in.

that it is possible to get more than the money's worth by sharing it with others

that every cloud has a silver lining

that birthdays ought to be made special

that my Dad has a solution to everything....that Cricket will never be half as much fun as watching it with him.... that even so many miles apart I still share a strong bond with my Dad that makes me feel so secure and in place....And that there's never a wrong time to eat chicken ;D (makes mom mad!)

Happy Birthday, Daddy! Love you! :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

In and Out of the mire

The mire
of friendships and misunderstandings and reunions
of responsibilities and pressures and expectations
of dreams and hopes and goals
of plans and schedules and deadlines
of impressions and opinions and admirations
of every mundane, everyday thingy that you can think of...

Don't you feel stifled to be constantly stuck in that mire?? The joy of leaving it all behind for sometime is so enormous that I'd jump back happily into the mire, with renewed enthusiasm.... Sometimes things would get too much for me that I'd just walk away/ sleep on it/ do something fun - when I come back, the thoughts are - "Stupid me, why did I waste all that time worrying about this trivial little thing??!!?" and the actions that follow make more sense than before. Everything is/will be alright with the world and the people in it - it's only the angle of view that matters. The mire will be a mire unless I get out of it and find that it is actually a pool of joys and thrills that make life worth living. :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Early twenties...

Everything I was taught as a child, make sense to me now.

The list of my favourite food keeps growing.. As a child, it seemed to me that I had very little choice for food in the world!!

I'm able to associate an incident with every proverb I know.

I can watch as many movies as I like. I totally forgot how my dad used to control that and the TV timings. LOL- he'll freak out at the frequency and amplitude now...

I grew up longing for an adventure- away from home. Now I'm counting down days to when I'll be back home for the holidays.

I used to love every food other than what my mom cooked.. Things are topsy-turvy now...

I used to dread the swimming classes at school. Wherefrom did I get this yearning to learn it now???

Yet, some things never change...

Getting better and better at procrastinating!!

Still got the question mark floating over my head....:D

Can't run to my parents - but I call and pour all my troubles onto them...

And finally as evident from this post - my chatterbox capacity is going strong as always! :)