Friday, October 4, 2013

Peehechdee: Acknowledgements

On behalf of many like-minded grad students….

1. Coffee
            For all those times (more often than not) when the feet feel leaden and there isn’t one iota of motivation (not even last-minute panic!) to do an experiment or analyze a data – coffee is the only way to trick the body into motion and the brain cells into thinking. O Magical Concoction, we bow low to thee!

2. Ipod
            To shut out all distractions and concentrate on the most boring experiment/analysis that needs to be repeated for the umpteenth time; to blow all negative thoughts of impending failure out of the tired mind ; to get high on favorite lyrics and music ringing in the head - we need ipod blaring into the ears. Even if it irritates fellow labmates trying to get in a word. Ipod, our love.

3. Youtube
            You help us regain our sanity every time. Often overtaking Pubmed in ‘Most visited website’.  (Special thanks to TR and the ‘Annoying orange’).

4. Facebook
            For being the best way to escape reality. When all that remains to cheer about is attention from fb contacts. To browse the timeline and make misplaced judgements on anybody and everybody.

5. Adobe PDF reader
            For all the pirated versions of gripping novels, which are easy on the pocket; save paper and space; make falling asleep much easier and can be nice lunch/travel buddies.