Wednesday, March 10, 2010



Why do I feel stifled, like someone is pressing a pillow over my head all the time?
Why does the sky look so gloomy?
Why does the heater make this room so dry and me, dull?
Why do I have a whole lot of deadlines to meet the next few days?
Why do I know I have loads of work and still do nothing about it?
Why does this Orange strawberry banana juice taste like raw eggs?
Why haven't I had anything wholesome to eat, since morning?
Why aren't my friends taking any notice of me?
Why did the TA mark so many mistakes in my last assignment?
Why is there a class again in an hour?
Why do I feel sleepy?
What did I do to deserve all this????????

:D What WILL happen to me if I keep thinking that way? I'll die, seriously.....

I feel so refreshed! The dark evening sky looks mysterious and beautiful. The heater makes the room so snug. Someone else takes care of my schedule this week :). Yahoo- more stuff to learn (That did take some effort). This juice is so exotic! I feel so hungry, I'm going to spoil myself at the canteen. My friend is coming all the way down here this weekend!! Lots to argue with the TA - going to be interesting! Will meet my other classmates in an hour.... I'm feeling happy,lazy and at peace with the world. This is more than I could ever deserve. Thanks,God!