Monday, April 18, 2011


Comparing my first year-self and current-self - I bow down to you,Peehechdee. I lost it out to thee. From the carefree sight-seer and tourist, I am now transformed into a full-time, hassled Peehechdee stud. I stress 'full-time'.

Thanks to the over-booked microscopes. I prefer to use the night slots when there are lesser people around me to haggle for their slots and I have an undisturbed 11-hour period with the microscope.

Three supervisors. So subtle is the pulling in different directions that I never realize it until I'm fully through it, worn out.

Weekends come mid-week. Not coinciding with microscopy bookings.

Youtube movies, comics and novels to relax in between work- no more. With QE looming up, reading papers to 'relax' between experiments. AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Pay-back time for all the procrastination aggregated from the past 2 years.

Prospective failure in the quals. Got plans for after. ;) Don't want to go down without a fight though!

The view - watching the sunrise , coffee-vending machine,  midnight Subs and Macs. Only a month more to break away from this routine I have- to my surprise- gotten accustomed to.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Avargal : brilliance from yesteryear

A favourite pastime is to scourge Youtube for full-length movies. Watching movies on youtube feels better and faster than searching for other online sources. And the watching is in bits and pieces over a couple of weeks or in a couple of days if it is gripping.

I stumbled upon Avargal (1977) , directed by the unrivaled K.B. The movie is a timeless classic. I watched the whole movie in one day - leaving it half-heartedly only for unpostponable jobs. The way the protaganist's past is unveiled in the beginning of the film is a poem in itself. The character sketch of Anu(Sujatha) is perfect; of Janardhan (Kamal) is damn lovable. All the characters seem realistic, except for Ramanathan's mother - THAT is utopian.. :-D

The songs are a part of the story too - made me pay a lot of attention to the beautiful lyrics (Kannadasan acc to google).

Check it out when you need less spice and more sense in a movie :