Friday, February 18, 2011

A stuttering king, a swan queen, 127 hours

18 Feb,2011

Morning blues. But then a Royal blue evening - with 'King's speech' and 'Black swan' back-to-back movies. What a day!

King's speech was light, funny, a little heartwarming with thoroughly enjoyable performances from everyone.

Black swan swept me away. Most of the scenes - I had to peep in through my fingers, ready to shut my eyes at the slightest terror. I was totally involved in the madness going on in the screen. I felt/thought nothing else. The movie grabbed and kept my attention throughout. A lot of times I regretted for having stayed to watch it. But then, at the end of the movie, I felt like I'd had an out-of-the-world experience. The theatre hall was fully packed. Noisy in the beginning, pin-drop silence during the movie, the audience remained in their seats for a minute after the end of the movie - dazed.

King's speech was like a ride on the merry-go-round. Black swan - was like the reverse bungee/ the extreme swing ride. I had felt reluctant to go for Black swan, had cursed myself when I was at the venue but at the end of it, felt it to be worth every cent that I had paid. Natalie Portman is the winner this year. Any bets on that one?

25 Feb,2011

Editing my previous post to include a note on 127 hours. I was able to sit through the movie only by comforting myself that- what I was watching is only a movie, that it is James Franco acting a part, that the hand jamming is only an illusion. Aron Ralston - will always inspire me from now on. I was able to relate to the protagonist's character and his emotions. That is what the movie intends to do - build the character up strong in the audience's mind - preparing them for the last 20 minutes. Those 20 mins - when I realized why this movie deserves the Oscar nomination. No, it was not an out-of-the world experience like Black Swan. But on exiting the theatre, I saw the world differently... ;) Cheesy but true.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Given that the world is coming to an end next year (Movie :2012), I have decided on a few things to do, wrap up, tie up all the loose ends, etc.... First things first. In the current mindset, I would love to give up the peehechdee. Unfortunately, I have my quals in May - I need to pass it if I need food and shelter for the rest of the year.

Second, take the max possible time off work to go home - after quals. This time, it is atleast a 6-month break between two visits to home, all due respects to the quals. Get quals over and I fly/flee off to Madurai!

Third, eat like the world is going to end ;) . All the dosais and chutneys and idlis and biriyanis. To hell with the waistline! :P

Fourth, swim across the deep end of the pool. Fifth, sing a perfect ninnukori varnam. Sixth, post all the unwritten/half-written cards, half-made gifts. Seventh, gift myself a dslr. Eighth, make some people happy. Ninth, relearn the Padmasana. Tenth, do a bungee jump. Eleventh, read The Illiad. Twelfth, master the hula hoop. Fifteenth, the kavattai (slingshot). Sixteenth, search for Noah. Seventeenth, help him with the ark. Eighteenth, get into it. I am nowhere near any loose ends.