Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quest for Simplicity

For a year and a half, I have been fooling myself into believing that I have developed my aesthetic sense and that is the reason why I drown myself in music and movies when I'm supposed to be delving deeper into the Ph.D.

A boring mathematical concept - that was introduced to me atleast 5 years back but has never made any sense to me - was turned into something more fascinating by merely an hour of lecture by a Prof who is passionate about what he does. Start with the philosophy, make the applications clear and then show me the equations in the last ten minutes - otherwise everything looks unintelligible to me. You need to have mastered the concept to make it simple. I'm falling in love with his way of teaching.

I do fall...rarely, oh-so-rarely into a feverish 'research-mood' - I actually enjoy it. Problem is it comes in sporadic bursts. The complexity baffles my brains and soon I slip into a 'coma room'  - furnished by music, movies, airtel super singer and neeya naana. It is a simple, no-nonsense room which soothes the frayed nerves. But how will I ever reach the simplicity level that the Prof revels in and is able to make others revel in it too, if I keep escaping the complexities? I want to get through the maze and out. And hopefully remember my way through and show the others a simpler,straighter path. It seems like a dream. Don't slip away, Time!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Another year gone. Is it worth a review? Other than learning to 'fearless-swim' in the deep end of the pool, everything else feels incomplete or half-done from 2011. Peehechdee had few highs, some lows but mostly lifeless. Trips to Cameron Highlands and Tioman were refreshing. Many decent movies that kept me alive in Sg. I did take a huge step towards the end of the year - a nod to get married. The post-engagement/pre-marriage period is dreamy - you get all the attention in the world. And a welcome change in a lifeless Peehechdee. To discuss biology with an engineer fiance and hear his suggestions stimulates my half-dead brain cells - sometimes it is hilarious.

The year began with the chimes at the Bishan Buddhist Temple - the sound made me feel so positive. Watching a movie in the gorgeous Cinema Europa and a good one that - 'My week with Marilyn' ; reading and liking 'Revolution 2020' by Chetan Bhagat; falling in love with a couple of songs from Mayakkam enna looped endlessly in the ipod  - in the first week of the year-  hopefully herald that I have a lot of good 'movie-music-and-book-moments' this year.

The Road ahead looks filled- with the marriage fiesta, dressing-up, lot of good food ;), more frequent trips to India, a lot more skype-hours; hopefully & fingers-crossed for more experiments that work.....come whatever - a handsome, funny, young man near me to share every moment with.