Sunday, July 10, 2011


Being past mid-year, I want to look back - with reference to a previous post. The biggest happening has been that I can swim quite well now!!! Yes, I WILL boast about it - I was one of those kids who was chased by the 'Swimming master' at school around the pool and tossed into the water. The swimming lessons were on Monday and I tried very hard to fall ill every Sunday night. I would look imploringly at the Doctor, trying to psych him with merely the power of my glance into giving a Med. Cert. pronouncing that swimming can kill me and thus bringing the ritualistic Monday's prey drive to an end. It never worked :(. I have had numerous sleepless Sunday nights. Despite that mortal fear of the watery depths, I surprised myself and the 'master' on the day of the very last lesson. Back at school in Madurai, swimming lessons were offered for the girls only till fifth grade - guys never had the restriction. The very thought that I might never get another chance to swim, zapped up the adrenaline and I did a perfect lap - the only time when I jumped into the pool before being pushed in ;).

I'm glad that the 'last day instinct' drove me to learn swimming at MIT. Now, with regular practice and tips from a good teacher, I CAN SWIM!!!! Swimming in the deeeeee..eeepp! :)

I was halfway through the Illiad in April. Got to resume the read. I am attempting 'Maakelara'. ;) Trying to do the Padmasana under water first ;) - the buoyant force makes it easy. The hula hoop, kavattai, dslr, cards and gifts are STILL on to-do.

Another minor thing to add - the QE is still on my head. I really need to push it off ASAP to make way for more things to add on to the to-do.