Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mokkai Movie Week

After a weekend at Indonesia devouring 2 KFC chicken buckets, a quart kilo of honeycomb cake and 2 extra large cokes since morning, it was my bad that I took the first row in the movie hall to watch 'Tree of Life'. Biblical verses, abstract art, dinosaurs, bacteria, embryo, big bang and finally the white dwarf - people sitting on either side of me were either sleeping or swearing. I couldn't sit through it - not even for Brad Pitt's occasional appearance. It was the height of my tolerance that I didn't give up on the movie till the end and kept expecting something good from it (blame the reviews GRRRR..). The first row and the nauseating feel of honeycomb-to-be-puked-out made it my worst experience ever in a theatre. I wasn't ready for such soora mokkai - didn't have enough strength to withstand the onslaught.

It was a perfect day for a mokkai movie - I felt enough cheerful, strong and even eager to ogle at Shahid in the supposedly-crappy 'Mausam'. It was NOT a romantic movie. Better labelled a comedy flick. Shahid and Sonam were the riot couple - literally! I wonder how it'd feel to be affected by every damn terrorist activity that goes on in any part of the world.

யாம் பெற்ற இன்பம் பெறுக இவ்வையகம்:  Shahid's mom was killed in a riot. Sonam loses her home in Kashmir and meets Shahid in Punjab. She leaves Punjab with her Uncle's family during the Babri Masjid demolition (I wonder why that affected this family in Punjab) - they go to Mumbai and her uncle gets killed in the Mumbai blast. Some Scotland scenes where girl-boy meet. Thank Heavens that there were no riots in the Scottish history from 1992-1999 (I'm pretty sure there wasn't any. Else why would Pankaj Kapur have not included it in his amazingly stupid script?!). Shahid, an Air Force Army officer gets called for duty from Scotland to India for Kargil war where his left arm gets paralyzed. Some mind boggling, complicated, pointless happenings as Sonam tries to contact Shahid - she comes to Punjab, goes back to Scotland and then to America! Attack on the twin towers by Al Quaeda - innocent Muslims are suspected in America and hence returnth the family to India via switzerland ('cos it's safe'). Some foolish scenes in Switzerland, where boy meets girl but not the other way round cos girl was sleeping just then. Ahmedabad riots - this pair has to be there and has to meet (impromptu again for the umpteenth time) when running away from the rioters (Mind voice : Better stay together, you idiots! I want to go home, for crying out loud!). They did stay together - but they still killed me - Shahid rescues a horse from a raging fire in the riots and a helpless kid from a giantwheel (which he scales with one hand - his paralysed hand activated when the kid had to fall and he holds her mid-air and yeah - kisses the kid while hanging for his dear life with the other hand).
Then cometh the dialogue that I savored for long - :
" You lost something and are incomplete. I lost something and am incomplete. The kid lost something and is incomplete. Come,let's start a family together."
The nearly empty theatre resounded with laughter as this one was uttered by Shahid to Sonam, with the kid and the white horse in the bg.
And yes, it's a Bollywood movie na - made with high hopes of being a runaway hit (A feeble mind voice : Pankaj Kapur, நீ நெஜமாவே லூஸா இல்ல லூஸு மாதிரி நடிக்கிறியா) - it had to end with a disco song.

Well, all that said - Shahid did look most charming ;).