Sunday, September 9, 2012

Madhubaanakkadai, Attakathi

While many fellow peehechdees follow American sitcoms, I am going local. The following para is dedicated to a Vijay tv programme. For the review of the movies, go down to the second.

It's not strange that almost everything that I read/watch nowadays stems from something that I hear on Neeya naana or Airtel supersinger. These, atleast, enhance my knowledge in some way. But the latest addition to this list is 'Saravanan Meenakshi' -- if anyone had not bestowed their ridicule on me before, now I know that I will definitely be honoured. But give me a chance. After those vetti school days watching 'Chithi', I have never watched any soap. And I started watching this one only after the lead pair got married - 10 episodes ago. It helps to have room-mates with different tastes - I would never have watched it if she had not watched that episode with the tv blasting in the hall at a high volume. Yes, I did ridicule her and everything about the episode. Later I youtubed for the earliest episodes of the serial - curious to know where this 'great love and chemistry' between the protagonists began. I was surprised by the story and screenplay - and impressed too. So now it's on my list of 'to be watched'. The best thing about the serial is it is so down to earth - the lead pair had not 'born and waited for each other' etc - both had ex-lovers, are very normal humans with their own whims and fancies - it's charming to see how they forgive each other and how their love carries them through - this is new for a Tamil serial - not the usual black or white character portrayal.

Getting to the movies - Madhubaanakkadai was mentioned on Neeya naana and Attakathi on airtel super singer :P ;).

Madhubanakkadai - What happens in a tasmac bar from morning till night... There is enough going on in this place to make a 2.5- hour movie! The characters that visit the place are so well sketched out - that you can instantly relate to them. Some of the dialogues pack such a punch. The curious students, the unemployed, the loser, the fraud, the ruffians - these are normal visitors to a bar. The mental farmer, the sewage-cleaners, the bar-workers who don't drink - they make the movie stand out. Watch it if you are one of those who like comic+cynical movies that might pique you on to some vetti contemplations upon India and her ppl. ;)

Attakathi - A thorough enjoyment. What a screenplay and what a hero! :)  A special mention for 3 of my fav songs - vazhi paarthirundhen, aasai or pulveli and nadukkadalula.....Who would want to watch hollywood or bollywood when blessed with such home-made wonders :))))))))))))

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